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About us

Our name AltaNova

Reflects the two major characteristics of our nurseries. Alta means ‘High’: we aim for the highest possible quality in processes, products and business relations. ‘High’ also hints at the name of the family that runs the business: the Hoogendoorn brothers, “hoog” meaning “high” in Dutch. Nova stands for new, for star, for being bright and progressive. Combined, all these qualities lead to a new notion: we AltaNovate. In other words: innovation at a higher level. For you, this results in more opportunities in your markets with a higher degree of distinctive capacity and a stronger position.

AltaNova is the continuation

Of our company that has specialized in the cultivation of houseplants since 1982; to start with, mainly green varieties and exclusively flowering houseplants from 1994 onwards. We have chosen to grow the gems in the entire assortment of houseplants. These are not the easiest varieties to grow. However, they do have all those qualities that provide the trade with better market opportunities and give consumers more pleasure. Business relations are always welcome to visit our branches in Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen (Netherlands).

Experiential value for the consumer and respect for the environment

Are high on our agenda. The customer should get lots of enjoyment from our plants for a long period, which also makes our products more interesting for the trade and the environment should be spared as much as possible. In Moerkapelle and Zevenhuizen, we work using a closed watering system, which means that nutrients remain at the nursery and don’t end up in nature. This also applies to crop protection, which we use only to a limited extent anyway. AltaNova has the MPS-A certificate.

A healthy corporate culture contributes to a good product.

The labour intensive nature of our cultivation and crops demand expert and interested employees and we do have those. Our people are meticulous and enjoy their work and they are proud of every plant that leaves for a customer.

MPS – GAP / SQ certificates – SQ certificates