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Quality rules our thoughts and actions.

This applies to our entire production process, from the growing of the plant starting material up to and including the delivery of the starting material and the products ready for immediate presentation at the point of sale. Our staff are fully qualified and able to do the relevant training and courses, if necessary. Executives act as guiding coaches and encourage the members of their team to show initiative and come up with ideas, one of the sources of our altanovation.

Traditional workmanship and contemporary market focus.

Characterizes our working method. It does sound contradictory but if you think altanovatively, you are able to make products that fit in better with the market demand. For the sake of efficiency, we have computerized part of the process as far as possible. For love of the profession and passion for the product, a large part of our production is handiwork. Anything we do indoors is based on our observations of the outdoors: what are the market trends, where do our opportunities lie. This line of approach enables us to think along with our customers.

Tailor-made products and concepts.

We deliver products under the customer’s private label and in concepts that we have our staff develop. During the FloraHolland Trade Fair in March 2011, we introduced our product concept ‘Blooming Dreams’ that makes the dreams of the trade as well as end consumers come true. We can also develop a tailor-made concept for your market approach or retail formula.